Dapeng VR machine Tour down BOSS explosion epic weapons!Ali mother get advertising cheats

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the war was very difficult. Baghdad people use telepathy, manipulation of powerful and brutal Zerg and human human combat, at a loss what to do. The colonial star is falling. Humans are endangered, too…… Fortunately, humans have developed rock crystal weapons – weapons that kill insects effectively. The war is about to reverse……

game background:

1. episode: Earth, about the destruction of the earth, special forces and combat mecha alien forces failed to destroy the earth. FPS type

"Radial Force" is a FPS VR shooting game, now log Dapeng VR machine platform, the game tells the story of earth invasion destruction, fighting only special army and foreign troops, looking for the second planet earth story remodeling.

new colonial planets are constantly being discovered, and new enemies follow. Have a telepathic alien race: baghdad. The energy of human existence, the mineral – "rock crystal" has long been. I don’t know when to start, captured near the Bagh colony, and began to compete for the rock crystal of mankind.


2. space chapter: escaping from the earth spaceship that is about to destroy, alien forces invade, launch combat, battle for spacecraft control. FPS type

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" 998 years of astronautics. The depletion of the earth’s resources, over exploitation, and constant war have made the world almost destroyed. People with highly developed technology have identified all the universe’s human beings with the help of the "Pluto" perception technology.

PVP, game player groups, play their special army with alien forces team PK.


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game is currently opening two chapters:

game mode: PVE mode, players team up to attack the robot alien forces.

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then humans went to the universe in batches to find new homes.

in the course of the game, kill monsters can get ore, at base, players can use minerals to upgrade their own properties, and unlock more weapons, explore more planets. Each player kills one boss and has the chance to get an epic weapon fragment, and fragments will unlock epic weapons. Combat effectiveness will be greatly improved. The last planet is the prison planet. In prison, the star player can use the BOSS to summon the first 4 bars of the mine, killing boss, and getting more weapons.

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