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Abstract: the biggest mistake I made in my two business was non focus, because I made some mistakes, and at the end of the day, these mistakes led to a bad state of mind. I have no such courage and determination to continue." Gong Haiyan said with a lonely face.

this time, Gong Haiyan did not wear her red shirt consistently, but a blue jacket and gray pants, gaunt.

cock wire counter attack story again, this time is 51Talk acquisition of 91 foreign teachers.

"91Talk is a seriously undervalued company." 51TalkCEO Huang Jiajia stressed this point more than once. According to its sources, the acquisition of 91 foreign teachers mainly focus on the following points: 91 the teacher’s curriculum comprehensive and targeted; has mature technology and operation team; users are very diversified, including teenagers and business users; then the famous founder Gong Haiyan given 91 foreign brand influence.

51Talk this is a wholly-owned acquisition of 91 foreign teachers, the current transaction has been completed. After the merger, the original 51Talk paid users plus 91 foreign teachers of 5000 users, the total number of users will exceed 50 thousand people. Huang Jiajia introduced, this horizontal acquisition is pure cash acquisition, not involved in the stock problem, the two sides decided not to publish specific figures for the time being, but it is absolutely reasonable price. After the acquisition, 91 foreign teachers will still be retained for a period of time, including European and American teachers, as well as management and operation team, will achieve a smooth handover. However, he said that the company will still be dominated by Philippines foreign teachers, will be based on user demand for 91 foreign teachers to adjust the business, teaching mode will still be >


in the second half of last year, ladder nets, that good nets have fallen, Gong Haiyan once shortened the front to 91 foreign teachers, but after six months or sold. "The biggest mistake I made in my two business was not focusing, because I made a few mistakes and, at the end of the day, these mistakes led to a bad state of mind. I have no such courage and determination to continue." Gong Haiyan said with a lonely face, then she would like to adjust for some time, reflect on.

The following article by the forum members "kill you" ~ group up on income, how to do a monthly income of 350 knife experience 10 E the station a few pages.

recommended for novice to read, master please drifting away!!


, buy space, make a station, apply for GG, also spend 100 to buy what they call the data. At first it was a picture station, and GG was on it too. It took a couple of days and PV was great, but click on it

with price is not good, then see a post saying picture station put GG not insurance, may be K, go down.

about the price

on high priced content has many Wangzhuan forum, you can see more search

to the unit price, high and low, normal.

on ads and color optimization

a page can put 3 GG advertising, full 3 advertising price not only put an advertisement in the high price!

advertising to do the most like, we can in the middle of an article on a large rectangular advertising.

The title of the

GG ad is also set to this color

The content of the

GG ad is also the same as the color of the article content.

The content of

font settings as the font size of the advertisement.

this can increase the hit rate will be higher risk of late. Color is important. Is a key factor in attracting clicks.

General click the ads in the middle, looks like the content of advertising. Click rate is also the kind of big rectangle advertising

about one or two months ago, 91 foreign teachers have shown signs of decline, CEO Zheng Xinli left, employees have resigned, Gong Haiyan also began to find new home for 91 foreign teachers. Gong Haiyan said at the press conference, 51Talk, on the one hand is indeed experienced their courses and services, also know they took about 70000000 dollars in financing, to have a better 91 foreign students and the existing service guarantee. On the other hand, they are based in Beijing, and some of the 91 foreign teachers can go to work at 51talk.

January 16th, 51Talk China World Trade Center experience shop, originally scheduled for 10:00 conference, due to Gong Haiyan’s delay, delayed until 10:30.

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