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I am an Internet person, starting from the 06 year to now has been engaged in the Internet, itself is a technical staff, now own and several partners to do a O2O local life portal system baocms, interested friends can look at the beginning of the original, simply just want to earn a little money simply, in order to live.

as we all know, a team building is prepared to consider, such as the battlefield, "An army marches on its stomach.", so we say today is the theme of a strong team, how to plan B".

rational entrepreneurship can not just rely on a cavity of blood on entrepreneurship

but the topic again, if, through our efforts are not able to receive good results, within the team to form chrysanthemum burst effect, mutual exclusion between member and member, so how can we all

business only with a cavity blood you will die miserable, "have no regrets," said this is purely just Mangfu behavior fancier. You have to remember that your business is to what? In the lack of entrepreneurship with a number of people, but really want to venture, but not many people know of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the most realistic problem is money, as some of my friends, do a website at the beginning of the purchase system, server, spread everywhere to spend money wait, hand in half a cent, every bill must be very careful in reckoning, of course to the budget, or to spend the money.

the so-called B plan, we must all understand, say a bit more popular, that is, the secondary preparation, and if necessary, there are third, fourth sets of solutions. We plan to use B in? Must first be sure that our starting point is to make our team and business team complement each other well, business to business running smoothly, stop smoothly promotes our team harmony, in fact, team and business is the core word, so B, plan for team and business, but it seems that some general, do not understand the shoes is confused, no nonsense, get down.

doing for the Internet? It’s just to make money. At the very beginning, I have always thought so, but through communication with the webmaster friends, I find this generalization is incomplete. Many webmaster friends do not just to make money, but for an entrepreneurial dream, as compared to the other venture industry, the Internet is undoubtedly not a variable in the largest area, overnight fame and fortune is not impossible things.

of course, every entrepreneur wants to have a perfect team, between internal team each member can live in harmony, good communication, this is just the case, but the topic of this article is… The B plan, if our team is not perfect, not harmonious, like after the grassroots brother encountered problems between each member within the team, in addition to the grassroots brother, two members are not able to arbitrary harmony and perfect communication, lack of deep understanding and solid emotional foundation. So in the process of business development, will inevitably occur some unharmonious phenomena between member and member, obviously, we all hope between our internal team members to engage the base, sparks.



team is in our hands and set up the organization, if you listen to the grassroots brother rumors, then within the team, each member of the relationship with our leader will be not common, at least in the early days, we have to wipe out the bromance to give up, we can’t say which one brother, conflict conflict each member, even our leader, have thought about the need to get out of our own which bastard, and go out to fight the world and believe in yourself, grassroots brother, it’s really just a moment of anger on the brain thinking, when calm began to think, in fact, who is not willing to leave more.

entrepreneurs know that a good project plus a great team

team member, good base friend, good comrade in arms,

since entering this line, through with customers and some webmaster friends communication, let me benefit a lot, feel a lot. Also let me see the industry is not easy to struggle, here, I would like to represent our team to those who still insist on doing the webmaster, for their beliefs also adhere to the webmaster friends to pay the highest respect.

it takes a lot of courage to start a business. For a startup, it’s not just about financial pressure, it’s about mental pressure. In the beginning I venture around relatives very do not understand, you have a stable job and treatment is also good, you choose the venture is not ten to take the eight stable, why put a comfortable but have to log the blind? I believe that a lot of start-up friends have encountered this problem, actually we the purpose is very simple is to let the life become the ideal life ideal.

The friction caused by the lack of understanding of

, a great team,

so you have a clear business ideas, a family friend is more careful, confident of entrepreneurship is a good thing but does not mean you to town, you have to do a reasonable planning, capital budget, targeted, this is the basis for a rational business success.

, communication is not perfect, get harmonious and lack of emotional foundation, if we are not able to stop in time, so not harmonious atmosphere will spread throughout the team, before the already mentioned, the best way is that our team as a fraction of the people, to be in the team which plays a pivotal role, more good communication between team members to guide, guide the formation of bromance.

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