How far are these minority communities from commercialization in the country’s largest interest comm

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July 2015, hi voice has grown into the largest interest community in the country. But even so, "we are holding users and data, holding a look at the path is still transparent, but no one willing to invest."".

completed many complicated terms the subsequent transfer of the execution, Jianzhuo began checking the mentality of seedling growth were hi tone.

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was never shy of coffee until September of this year, and although he was always sensitive to caffeine, Miao Jianzhuo was easily excited until three or four a.m.. Miao Jianzhuo said, "Hey, after the acquisition of sound, insomnia is a very painful thing.".

Miao Jianzhuo is starting to resist coffee and tea again.

EST on the morning of July 6th, "the global hacking contest on stage. According to the competition rules, the competition is the goal of the 6000 invasion site and smear "in 6 hours, a test of who can accomplish the task first. In addition to competition speed, but also in accordance with the invasion site server used by the operating system to assess strength. The Windows was most hackers look down, because the game rules of intrusion based on Windows server can only get 1 points, Unix, Linux or BSD intrusion system each 2 points, damage to the AIX system of IBM 3, and the destruction of OS/X system is generally regarded as a higher security HP-UX system and apple computer the 5 points each. Winners will receive free data storage from 500M.

the contest by a man called Defacers Challenge’s website, and by an independent third party website to calculate the scores of hackers. Unexpectedly,, the scoring website was attacked by another group of hackers on the same day, and was always in a state of dropping. The competition attracted a lot of media attention, but it turned out to be loud and small. According to later reports, only a few hundred websites, and most of them small business sites, were attacked. Some experts believe that such attacks are going on almost every day, and there is no telling what’s unique this time. People can not help asking, is this contest a hoax?

according to competition requirements, in 6 hours the attack broken 6000 sites, which is to be kept per minute break 17 websites. This speed can only be exploited by program vulnerability scanning, which requires obvious security flaws in those servers themselves. The rewards of the match were close to jokes. Besides, before which real hacker attacks, will advertise for one week in advance? But if it’s a hoax, why are you getting such attention? Just because manufacturers want to find a breakthrough in business, the media to create news events, and some teenage hackers have excess energy needs to be released?

the event itself is the epitome of the whole world is. Inside the story, there are technology, capital flows, globalization Global hacker linkage, as if with the twenty-first Century drama elements. The target is a hacking contest boast WMD deception, its deterrent force makes you have to guard, it is unwarranted reputation. You have to buy more firewalls from the other side of the ocean. You know, it is in the dark; you are weak, it is strong; you are attacked, must pay tuition. You know it is a disaster, but for this reason, there is nothing more to do with it than to improve the safety measures and technical reserves of the enterprise.

from the beginning of March this year, Jianzhuo seedlings have half the time in seeking financing, has been melting in August, had no clear results. A few months ago, said the main point to vote for hi tone A round of the agency, and later without the following.

in September 25th, Peach signed a takeover agreement with hi. According to the agreement, Peach’s founder, Qu Bo, became the CEO of hi music.

hi sound was founded in December 2014. In July 2015, hi voice has grown into one of the largest interest communities in the country, with 10 million users. In August 2015, Pre A round of investment capital, get more cattle hi tone Silan venture, Jingwei Chinese etc. a total of 11 million 650 thousand yuan.

this deal for both sides, "is money". The original hi voice team got a sum of intellectual property acquisition costs, you can have time to think about the next transformation of the action, there are funds to deal with some problems. Peach is on the margin of financing, and acquisition of hi voice is a big plus. Seedlings in the Jianzhuo’s words, there is a close relationship with the market Peach hi sound cutting industry layout, after the acquisition of hi sound, Peach has the amount of users in this stage can not be obtained, "the capital market will be more interested in".


"we are holding users and data, holding a path that looks transparent, but nobody wants to contribute."." Miao Jianzhuo says, "continue to consume, hey sound already cannot bear the cost of team and server. "If we don’t live and send it out, it’s not a bad thing to be a foster. You can’t make it hungry".


in September, hi note formally defined this direction, there are just some suitable Party A, Miao Wei finally chose a relatively high degree of matching enterprises – Peach. Peach is a technology driven company that can accommodate almost all of the smart toys on the market, including media, social and shopping.

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