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is in love with Zhang Xiaoyan in the children’s clothing market and turn a few laps, Taobao also searched for maternal and child products, that are very popular, especially for baby, almost every quarter is the peak season. Zhang Xiaoyan made a special trip to find the target for baby gift manufacturers, select the best fabrics, the most fashionable styles, the most advantage of the price of the goods in the shop, selling.

in fact, many people do invest for a long time, there will be a bad problem, that is, more and more emphasis on business logic and the market, and ignore the product itself. Most investors don’t use products for the first time, and maybe a few people don’t even use it personally for long periods of time.

I took a look at the results of


is education.

1 when I entered the line, I was good at summing up the rules and looking for the air outlet..


started, I ask you what the main view, everyone will have different answers, such as some technology, some consumption, some line flow and so on, and then ask you to see what is the main fund recently, this time is very interesting, a lot of people the answer is consistent, you guess what

sometimes, the underlying trend is this. You’ll find that everyone’s first place is different, but the second are the same name, and the second is something that is worth noticing and is more likely to come out soon.

I thought then that every O2O company should do it by itself. Wouldn’t that be a waste? Why don’t you be a service provider and dock to all B clients?

heart created crown stores

education was interesting again, but I promised a good friend who was said to be doing a lot of educational work, so don’t write it too thin, so as to avoid too many people and rob him. So educate this

The logic behind the

before Taobao, 88 years Zhang Xiaoyan has been working in Hangzhou for two years in the headquarters of the Alibaba, there is not much relationship with Taobao’s integrity through sales, harmony and high income, good working environment, the relationship between colleagues, all of this, let Zhang Xiaoyan work very happy.

day chat, invest three people,

from the Alibaba after the resignation of Zhang Xiaoyan or Taobao, she said: "because of love, so I want to insist on. Although the parents do not agree, think of giving up a good salary for white-collar jobs but unfortunately, Taobao may have zero income risk." It is hard to imagine the birth of a 88 year looks sweet and delicate girls have so much willpower.


do not know their product manager is not a good manager. 88 years of Zhang Xiaoyan’s own or a child, can only start from the body to her niece, wearing clothes, bathing, diaper bag, a little bit, a little bit more about our products. That shopkeeper attentively, become "Britney home mother child supplies store" comfortable shopping atmosphere, this is like a special for the mother to create the world, regardless of quality or service, are filled with a deep sense of warmth, and all of this comes from a 88 years girl hand.

today, there are many organizations that are putting the importance of education on the track more and more.



, was found dada to do very well, and later on, everyone express to send flash and other projects, this story tells us:

in fact, during the University, Zhang Xiaoyan has opened a Taobao shop, business casual, the credibility of a drill. But the graduation to find a decent job is a big trend, so she became employees of Alibaba.

when you’re an information center, you really find something different and interesting.

talked to a lot of investors for two months, and I found something interesting.

had to give up the Taobao Alibaba, after leaving Ali again.

to promote learning

will be a APP, organize and use the social idle labor force, and cooperate with the main business service

2 my sourcing ability was still lagging behind the market when I entered the line..

many people started Taobao business, will choose to dress, and Zhang Xiaoyan chose maternal and child products, she said, this is entirely coincidental. The child a few months Zhang Xiaoyan sister when she went to Hangzhou Sijiqing shopping to buy baby clothes, to the lovely children accidentally fall in love at first sight, keep pace.

I think this is a very good idea, even the heart of entrepreneurship, then immediately call a friend said, the friend said, well, you go to a company called "dada" company, and do you say as like as two peas.

, for example, by the end of 14, I saw a lot of O2O projects, and found that almost all of BP had a page that said, "

was investing, I talked to a lot of entrepreneurs every week. Now I’m starting business. I talk to a lot of investors every week.

in Taobao’s business in the army, because there are some special force and make us feel particularly good. For example, the 88 years of small girls in the United States, enthusiasm, dedication, diligence, and Taobao seems to be born. From the Alibaba headquarters staff to self-reliance Taobao business, the chick that spirit of Ali, Taobao played most incisive. Let us look at the restless girl, how in just 300 days to create two crown success.


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