Original identification of Baidu’s identification technology needs to be improved

has been my own small construction site are advocating on their own to write original articles, although the number of possible write every day is not a lot, sometimes, sometimes is a two, but is every little bit accumulation, so included in the site are fairly stable growth slowly, the snapshot is basically maintained in the next update, but there has been no ranking, but I believe that with the passage of time, as long as I insist on, ranking will be gradually better.

through this period of time, I found some problems exist, here for everyone said: "


1. How does Baidu recognize the original


believe that many friends have a thorough understanding of this, and this part of the content is also on the Internet. I don’t enumerate them in detail. Just pick a few key points.

1, the release time of the article

2, the article is linked to the

3, the density of keywords in the article

4, the order and hierarchy of the article,

two, originality can be identified to some extent, but the effect is not good,

mentioned Baidu by several methods still have certain recognition ability of the original article, but the effect is not very good, although Baidu has repeatedly stressed the importance of the original and the necessity of the protection of the original article, but now the technology is not mature, still need to be improved constantly.

some time ago Baidu launched the spark plans to let all the owners are one of the bright eyes, the big news site is the first by the plan benefits, I believe that in the near future Baidu will gradually expand the coverage of the spark plan.

three, and some poor pseudo original techniques still have the potential to be considered original

The original Baidu

recognition technology is still very weak, which makes the number of stations will have to take advantage of the machine, wantonly to find the original those used for certain combinations, processing, patchwork and so on, this article still may be identified as the original Baidu.

four, the webmaster’s position, adhere to

Because the original Baidu

recognition can not achieve the desired height, which makes numerous original webmaster efforts in the network have been crazy load, which leads to the original owners themselves instead of the original article does not have a good ranking, which makes the original webmaster heart in drop blood, which is a great part of the original owners see other websites reproduced by can also have good rankings, they also abandoned the original and joined the ranks of.

can be said to long this continues, is unfavorable for the network, so this Baidu still have to do is to accelerate the development of the original recognition ability, save many of the original owners of the bottom of my last piece of pure"……

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