Why is the expert in making money earn thirty thousand monthly not you (Continued)

yesterday evening wrote why "expert in making money earn thirty thousand month" is not intended to give you this article, just entered the community network novice as a reference, although no experience but at least his inner monologue. Not what purpose did not leave what training group or what Wangzhuan forum address, just stand in a higher point of view to consider the article to write the following comments, even some people said I was asked to understand. I am Speechless, China opinion is strong ah, the interview article seems to be to delete A5 official, perhaps the comment has exceeded the carrying capacity of the flying beauty Oh! For these people I can only say that you can’t make money only two words –

deserve it!

online now has roughly a few ways to make money, either to be a website or to do e-commerce, that is, to sell products and sell services. The two are not overlapping. In other words, the same is higher, is also sitting at home on a computer, the same is 25 thousand, but after all is not the same, so we should all agree with it, for example, people rely on bidding products does not mean monthly income of tens of thousands, he on the site this one even each alliance will be very clear, and vice versa, stand by GG garbage, done by the union of the higher flow of tens of thousands of monthly income is not necessarily on the electronic commerce means know! Although most higher result is the same, are all into the amount of monthly income of tens of thousands of tens of thousands. But what they do is not the same, gehangrugeshan, this is don’t stand in their own narrow angle to consider some things or people, do not think that he could not but not others Maybe,

back to the article, the article good water flying just tell you the interview, her – a half a year ago the network computer for the blind and network in the first half of the time so he reached a monthly income of twenty thousand or thirty thousand in height, she did not say you can, but don’t say you can’t see me, yes also suspect the authenticity of her, after all she did not put himself in a specific project to speak out, or released to the public. Just use a very popular form of Wangzhuan describing this thing! I first saw this article is not to pursue the authenticity and textual research of this article, but also to allow themselves to find mentioned in this article to feel useful and knowledge on their own, feeling is enough, if you do not see some what this article maybe sealed in their memory, already forget very clean, that is what others say inspiration! Don’t know the word when


do not write, this is a "expert in making money earn thirty thousand monthly" the last comment! Or say that I am asked someone. It is Speechless every day, so many stations running on A5, we all know that one look at what I think should do not have a few people to study Chinese writing skills and global A5! At least I know what I see, wonderful to see not the story, not writing style style, as long as I see some words in an article. I am very satisfied feeling harvest a lot!.

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