Promotion summary of local job recruitment network

often station network, but recently very lazy, only to learn, but seldom write articles, learn a lot of Web site operators in stationmaster net knowledge, thank you very much for webmasters! I want to share with you is currently promoting the local recruitment network now.

in the site before, is a chance, so I decided to do a local recruitment website, graduating soon, I wanted to go home and get a good job, home development is relatively backward, many enterprises, is unable to find work, and often talked about this matter, the same worries suddenly, feel, why not do a job recruitment website? That should solve many people’s concerns? So began


first, choose to remember domain name, it is best to Pinyin, so he chose, because.Cn is cheaper, chose it. Next, is specializing in the construction of the site, in this, I want to talk to you about how I promoted, because the site is technology, we master clouds, cattle are more, so the younger brother will not elaborate.

I mainly use the strategy of combining online with offline.

online, mainly to do the following:

1 optimizes the site structure to make it easier to read.

2, optimize the website keywords, select and filter the appropriate keyword

3, looking for links

line work mainly done the following:

1 printed the leaflets and distributed them. With regard to distribution, I divided our place into areas and concentrated on enterprise intensive and demand intensive areas, and I felt that this was the focus, and that blind delivery was of no use. Remember very clearly, the first day of release, IP reached more than 100, while the second day to reach nearly 500IP, and later in 300-500, the next few days is very exciting, more and more passionate.

2, I insist every day for more than an hour in front of the office of human resources and stay there, because the best time in June, many graduates returning home, go through the formalities or consultation, and back face looking for work, I took the list to give them, simply said, the most important thing is that every day I go leave a little on it, because too much will be cleaned up, put a few people, that is the human resource department, get attention, two, Department of the people do not care about this a few, three, he relaxed, do not have to rely on it, to save time, you so, ran for a week.

this time, both bitterness and very happy, hope it can go down! Here, I want to put my experience to share, I hope to help you! Finally, hope to do under the Links and everyone, my station: Feicheng recruitment network

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