Website Strategy Thinking do the station from big and small, from small and big


do stand by big and small by small and big

previously wrote an article "the latent current thinking about how to build a personal brand Yue ti", established on the blog brand share some of their ideas: the process of hierarchical blog to spread their brand. The development of things always have a pattern, a strategic thinking about the station today I want to elaborate, but also the starting point based on similar thinking: do stand by large and small, from small and large.

for medium-sized site has hundreds of thousands of pages, the main source of traffic or from all kinds of long tail keywords, is not some Baidu index, but because of its large mass, and if in the premise of promotion website weight, if there is a massive long tail ranking, bring visitors will be the number of geometric level of ascension. So we had another team in the operation of the site, on the basis of analysis of products, simulate the customer search, learn some words, the title of the flexible call keywords, and then is mainly to optimize the structure of the station, automatically generated content update and anchor text. Focus on the construction and planning of the site, while the home page, keywords and layout of the page, etc., and did not deliberately planning.

now sum up, this idea is focused on: in the overall site of the internal optimization, thinking is up and down, that is, by large and small. We don’t dwell on specific or a series of keywords, extended keywords, do everything over and over again. This comes down to some early morning thinking about the web. Especially when the network marketing team Limited personnel, this approach can often get twice the result with half the effort. If you start with a specific kind of keyword, often imprisoned thinking.

when these are done, you need to make another plan. The site is small and big. The way of thinking is from the bottom up. On the basis of the previous stage, we have accumulated a certain amount of website weight. Then we have to do a number of key keywords ranking. If the product is station, then you need to integrate the products according to the gross margin of a weight table, while finishing a keyword table for the product of Baidu keyword, keyword index table, the corresponding URL do a sort. From these two forms, we can get the key words that we need to take care of, thousands or tens of thousands of key words.

we’re going to have to face this table by doing small and big operations. Pure use of local thinking for small rankings. Through each time, outside the chain, internal links to enhance each target keywords.

so, as a SEO operation, we should understand some hierarchical processes, specifically when to do what. If we sum up the process of the second stage, we should carry out the layout in the first stage. For example, use the channel page, use the column page, but also use the topic page to do the key words, but the first phase >

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