s the development of the business version of DEDE a total failure, a bad decision

Dede wants to make money, yeah, but developing the business version is a total failure, wrong decision,.

I don’t know how much a commercial edition can sell, because I never intended to pay for it. Please don’t be angry. This is the true idea of tens of millions of webmaster in China!


when you put your energies into the development, the effort on the free edition is bound to go down. I know many Dede users now, but do not represent the future to be many, when most users use the free version found problems cannot be solved, he will abandon the use of Dede to other CMS, at that time, your business edition sold?? a to you completely do not know people who will buy you the commercial version of


Dede is not so white developed?!! You can learn about DZ people, completely free, but make money like water!! why?? because he has occupied a large market share in a forum, tens of thousands of stations with DZ DZ, then sell the commercial version?? no! He passed in! The program is built into the promotion on the money, but also does not affect the user experience. Qihoo such as GG search, search, MSN mail, Alipay, community marketing, video and so on, these seemingly free webmaster function is easy to use, DZ make up too fast, both happy Why not??

?In contrast,

Dede, in addition to the fee is charge, I do not know now how many people use your commercial version, 10? 100? 1000? 1000 people according to count, 3000 yuan each, you can earn 3 million total.

How many stations does

use Dede? Is there 100 thousand? If you develop so many free functions like DZ, each station can’t bring you 30 pieces of revenue each year?

?Why did

VCs take advantage of DZ to give him money? Why would GG inject $2 million into DZ? Are they stupid? Absolutely not! Because they saw the powerful influence of DZ and money making money!


why don’t they give Dede such excellent CMS money? Because they didn’t see your money scene at all!!!


in the Internet free, open source today, the so-called business edition charges can only be a dead end!!!


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