Do local portal network six months of some experience

in front of the soft text, I have already explained to my personal situation. Now, I’ve been standing here for half a year, and today I want to sum up some experiences and experiences, and give you a report again.

for six months, I gave up something:

1., the main part of the business because I do is Lenovo’s commercial PC, so usually are dealing with units, this is done completely commercialized in some first-tier cities, but in our 6 city (Lenovo division, we considered 6B), it can only rely on relationships to operate, so for those of us 80 something very bad, because my father is not Li Gang. After a few years of toil, I feel live very tired, very tired. So I started in 2 months after the station, when the sites have a return, I decided to adjust the company’s business, for computer hardware, no longer pursuing the development of new customers, good relationship with the customers, it can stabilize the first. Then focus on the development of local e-commerce, such as the current portal in the long-term planning accounted for a large proportion. Focus on retail. Focus on brand.

2. all my spare time in the past customers do so a lot of time to socialize with clients, playing cards is a waste of time, but after standing, I almost did not play cards, card games generally have declined. Go to bed after 11 every night. Lunch is 1 hours.

3. accompany the time of wife, children and parents.

4. and lots of friends.

half a year, I harvested things:

1. has some active users, and they have become my friends too. When I’m at a party, I’m always invited.

2. is a great boost to my current company’s PC sales.

More than 80 local groups on

3. QQ.

The spiritual pleasure of the further realization of the

4. dream.

that’s what I got and lost for six months. And, of course, the money I’ve been working on for half a year. I really feel as if I’m running the circle now, as if I’m back to the point. I remember when I graduated from school, I wanted to be a station, but at that time I didn’t have the support of the funds. And now, my money is my own money in recent years, with the children in the family burden, the company’s original business is not very good, all spending big, so I in recent years does not earn much money.

watched a lot of friends, Adsense, some of the fighting, how tired, in fact, compared to do standing is not tired, but you need to advance by the people around the thinking ability and observation ability. Why do you say so? Because what I do is the local station, we are more to promote the local entity business how to increase sales, how to make business money at the same time, we also >!

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