How to correctly understand the basic elements of the station three

, a website, what is essential? That is to say that it is called a website which requires? Adsense nets satisfied the basic elements of the website that has three: domain name, space / server and web content. These three elements are the necessary elements for a website to function properly. Therefore, in order to correctly understand the importance of these three elements, select the domain name and space / server scientifically and reasonably, and arrange the content of the website reasonably, we can walk out of the first step of the website’s success.

domain name. Domain name is the external image of the website, the quality of a direct impact on the future development of the site, so a good domain name for the site of great significance, how to choose a good domain name to become the key. The webmaster should recognize the domain name not only represents the name of a website and network access to the address, it is more important to recognize the domain name is the external identity of a web site, like the "face" trademark, domain name is a kind of network trademark, is the site of the "face", it represents a a website brand image, brand awareness is the core of the internet. Especially in the promotion of the role is decisive. When choosing a domain name, you must consider it in many ways and try to avoid the occurrence of a change of domain name.

now has limited domain name resources. It’s hard to register a really good domain name, and some can only be bought and sold at a high price. So it’s not easy to find a good domain name for your website. The author believes that the following principles should be followed in selecting domain names.

, short. The domain name and different keywords, long tail keywords can bring unexpected effects on the website, but long domain names is a taboo, so the first to select the domain name as short as possible.

Two, remember

. The light is not short, but also easy to remember, try to choose some pronunciation spelling words are relatively easy to do the domain name, such as Taobao, Sina, 163.

three, easy to spell, and if it is a complex word, it can cause spelling mistakes.

four, to have characteristics, not easily confused with other domain names. Now many digital domain names, what 88483158, domain name itself is very good to remember, the value is also very high, but very easy to confuse with similar domain name, this small and medium-sized website should try to avoid.

five, to reflect the website or enterprise name, trademark, core services and so on. When you see Lenovo, you will think of Lenovo, Taobao will think of Taobao, the choice of domain names must comply with the principle of relevance, reflecting the name, trademark, product, service, business philosophy.

space / server selection. Now the main three popular building system: virtual host, the whole machine rental, server hosting. In the face of a large number of IDC providers and a wide range of space services, in the choice of webmaster often will be very confused, dilemma. I think, in the webmaster must according to their own needs, consider the type and size of the site, >

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