What is the location of an enterprise website

now each site has its own position, it should be to design the website located in what place? The current domestic website design should be internationalized? Or should the localization? I think we should absorb international style for me, and then digested, and joined the local elements, it will carry forward.

Does the

web interface need internationalization or localization? It’s really an important topic in the Internet age. Due to some problems caused by cultural differences, some people put forward the concept of internationalization of the interface, which means that an interface will be refined in every region and country culture, living habits, to adapt to, or the agreement into standard, international traffic signs is an important example. Localization, however, is the interpretation of the needs of a consumer group in a particular region and country.

interface design China internationalization and localization is the most important language, English as an international language in web design must be considered, now almost all web sites have English version, this is actually in order to meet the needs of internationalization, some multinational companies in the local business, the first is the production of local the language version of the site, this is an important step in the localization. If Taobao defeated eBay as a victory for localization, then it was not merely language, but a deep understanding and analysis of the local market. The interface is only part of the surface. Therefore, some scholars put forward the localization of interface design is needed, too pursuit of localization will make some complex problems, but also makes the brand value of the loss of McDonald’s "M" there are no matter in which country, KFC’s "KFC" has been maintained, although they were in the local native language translation, but also moderate the localization, localization is in order to better interpret his inherent value of the brand, rather than to cater to a region of people.

The purpose of internationalization of

interface design is to make people better understand the connotation and culture of the region and the company, and localization is an important way.

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