Analysis of main points of wedding website construction

with the rapid development of Internet technology, website construction has become an integral part of the enterprise. Web site production technology is not advanced technical knowledge, what kind of website can be easily constructed, resulting in the emergence of a large number of garbage sites, the phenomenon of putting the cart before the horse. The same is true for wedding websites. So, why does this happen,


some people say that the wedding site production depends on the choice of the network company is professional, whether technical skills and good service attitude is good enough. In the case of Rui technology, this is only one point. More importantly, the wedding enterprise itself, enterprises in the construction of the site is ready to do all the time, or blind in order to build websites and construction site,


wedding website articles that Rui technology, wedding site construction and production in site planning, demand analysis, website positioning, image design, column setting and profit model will need to pay attention to, here, we briefly discussed with you.

1. to develop a detailed wedding site planning program

, the success of a web site has a very important relationship with the site planning before its establishment. For the wedding website, we must first clear the purpose and function of the construction site, a detailed analysis of the market, and to test and considering the construction site need what technology, wedding website content, website maintenance expenses, etc..

these work is not only the website construction company’s work, only then the enterprise does the preliminary stage preparation, the website construction company can better start the wedding website construction. Only detailed planning, in order to reduce the problems that may arise in the construction of the website, wedding site construction in order to better.

Requirement analysis of target group in

2. wedding industry

a quality website is built on demand that comes from the needs of users and the need for future development. For the wedding industry, not only to clear the types of users, but also to clarify the website itself can provide users with what services. And the website construction company will dig into the potential demand of the users and prepare for more services in the later stage of the enterprise.

then, how should the wedding site needs to be analyzed?

1) mining the user’s functional requirements for the current web site and later phases;

2) the user’s performance and security requirements for the site;

3) post site maintenance requirements;

4) users have detailed requirements for web page style and art design;

5) background management operations.

3. defines the location and profit model of the wedding site

site positioning is that any wedding site must first consider

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