Eight years of network experience, success, failure, intravenous drip room

Contact network

in 2000 when I was still attending third, access to the Internet and that is the classmate together Amoy class night can not return to the school and can’t afford to live in the museum had to pay up at Internet cafes near the school network. There is a student special typing, but also special play games, the students while the girl, while playing the game, when the blood legend is crazy, I also called the students taught me to play, then know the mouse has about the key points.

because of the close contact of the computer makes me curious, room number run school that 586X becomes more and more choosing courses, to graduate seven families together have the more than 400 points so high school can’t read it, then fall to the bottom of a mood. Don’t want to read and go out to work, the family refused to insist that I read, what you say now is also not a proficiency in a particular line of junior high school students to work your ghosts never ask you. Just because the decision is not in the mind is depressed, the turning point of life once again facing. My sister is a teacher, so my sister is clear in my heart and I talk about the decision to enroll in secondary computer professional.

In the first year of

‘s study, he and his family talked about buying a computer to take me back to school. Then spend almost more than 4000 RMB, then think that family hard-earned money suddenly let me spend the river. Because of this feeling when people in the stadium to play, other students playing the game laugh, go out about my girlfriend, when night sleeps, I sat alone in front of the computer with hands gently. I do not sit and play games, but the school gives us web construction, databases, C++, network infrastructure and so on.

secondary school three years, so it has been a low headache and happy to live, in imperceptible, three years of technical secondary school will end. The students have their own while I run to and fro, a local company to work, which is engaged in the design and development of "so as to enrich my knowledge, but also in his spare time to understand some of the others to write the program, also added to some business users to program organization. This also came to 2006, but also began my personal website career. I used to run a portal, a local entertainment forum and so on, but I failed in these stations. Here I sum up some personal experiences for everyone to attend. Maybe everyone has paid close attention to it, but there are very few people who do it.

first, understand the structure of the website and be familiar with the procedures used

now many open source and free programs are available to the general station, but many webmasters don’t know about them, but download and modify other aspects of LOGO. If so, you stand one, but there is a problem, or to modify something, can not be solved in time, the development of your site caused great difficulties.

second, grab service industry

what programs do you use to provide service to those who need this kind of information or what you create?. You try to be yourself as a user

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