How to write the letter of friendship link to the stationmaster (model)

          do a few years of site planning, planning time and some will inevitably be in the same industry to my client website Links, but also can find some link quality lower than you website, to find some of the "authority" than you are. High site to do Links, this will improve your site’s ranking!

      now I give you to show me how to write a letter to Links station webmaster (template), which involves psychology, sociology, marketing success.         for reference only ~!


hello! Wise111’s webmaster,

    two is want to exchange links with brothers station, this time I come up with your link is my personal blog, keyword "site planning" in

google ranks the first page, the first in the second row in Baidu, the first page in Sogou, the first page in soso, and the, this is my website, please see the guide ~!

OK, first of all! We hope that our future cooperation will allow the development of their websites

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