Enterprise network marketing, the first step network marketing needs analysis

current, pure brand propaganda, promotion purpose already can not cover enterprise marketing demand completely. The enterprise’s marketing needs are diversified, multi-level and staged. At the same time, network marketing methods, means, platforms are numerous and varied. I contacted a lot of enterprise consulting, two cases are more common:

the first kind is a direct inquiry of a marketing style based on the marketing and guidance of the business owner by the marketing staff, or a certain understanding of the marketing approach, and a conscious attempt. When I have a thorough communication and in-depth understanding with the enterprise marketing staff, I find that the actual demand and the marketing method of enterprise inquiry do not match.

second, business owners for network marketing is only a vague concept, how to solve the enterprise marketing needs, how much to solve the enterprise marketing needs, there is no way to talk about.

two cases, the common problem is that enterprises for their own network marketing needs analysis, mining is not enough, inadequate, not in place. While the number of online marketing agency, is from a product perspective, to instill the marketing effect how, also not responsible to understand the actual needs of the enterprises; in this case, is now in the society of a medical equipment, Fudge bragging components are larger than for the consumer’s help, irrelevant. Of course, It is often seen.

get to the point, no matter how, if the enterprise intends to carry out network marketing, demand analysis of network marketing is a must. As a network marketing company responsible, should do a good job demand analysis of cooperative enterprises patience, and provide professional advice and guidance, so that enterprises own, just know, at this stage of its marketing demand, marketing objectives, how to set the target of competitors, target audience and so on, according to the demand of network marketing company for the enterprise network marketing plan tailored and targeted.

usually do enterprise network marketing needs analysis, there are the following aspects:

1, Inc. and products:

company’s position, industry position, product characteristics, product advantages and so on.

2, customers and potential customers:

What are the characteristics of

customers, such as men or women, age, class, region, consumer preferences, hobbies, etc..

3, sales model and business form:

channel sales, network direct sales, line direct marketing, conference marketing, membership fees, call centers, BtoC, BtoB and so on.

4, current business requirements:

improve site traffic, promotional line sales, brand promotion, development stage of the market strategy, new product launch promotion, enter new markets, save the cost of marketing, membership registration, online sales, merchants and so on.

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