Lu Jin for 4 years from 0 to 10 million users and the nternet go red shoes three


June 16, 2015 afternoon, Lu Jin announced that more than 10 million registered users.

from 0 to 10 million, Lu Jin spent nearly 4 years. This is divided into two stages: from the end of 2014 to the end of, the user reached 5 million by the end of 2014 to June 2015, the number of users rose from a straight line of up to 10 million in.

Lu Jin users have entered an exponential acceleration of the process.

born with jade Lu Jin not only have deep pockets of peace is now became a dad, tall,stately and handsome handsome actor.

Lu Jin users explosive growth, there are two reasons.

first, macroeconomic situation since 2015 inseparable.

entered in 2015, the central mother cut interest rates two times, a total reduction of the benchmark interest rate of 0.5 points; the last drop quasi, in February 5th dropped quasi 0.5 points, in April 20th, or even drop one percentage point.

out of the money into the stock market, the stock market does not dare to play for the households, the monetary fund to take the annual yield of about 4% of revenue is also unable to keep up with the rate of hidden inflation.

at this time, in addition to the traditional financial products, the Internet investment than the IMF high income, low risk than the stock market, is a good alternative.

in particular, there is a large group, such as the background of Lu Jin, 8 points of the proceeds of the IMF has been two times the risk is much lower than the general P2P companies. Moreover, Lu Jin has become the Internet financial platform including pension trust products, trust investment, floating income products, rich investment and the past cannot be mention in the same breath.

is the second, Internet plus premium finally let Internet finance from the drawings into reality.

in the balance of treasure turned out in the middle of 2013 as the representative of the Internet finance into the public view.

after two years of fermentation, a discussion on the balance of treasure "vampire" fallacy, questioned the "work" of peace Lu Jin, have demonized, P2P folk run away eventually, Internet banking has finally gained a foothold.

Internet financial depression, so that the rapid influx of 649 million Chinese Internet users in the huge base of China’s Internet population, Internet banking has been speeding up the development of. Internet banking is still in the bonus period.

10 million users, in Chinese Internet community is not what, more than 10 million users of the enterprise payment service, WeChat ants meet the eye everywhere, payment, financial Jingdong that several companies have little more than tens of millions, hundreds of millions of active users. In the absence of traffic and the advantages of the Internet platform base case, by virtue of financial products and services, Lu Jin made so that the number of users is commendable, 2014, Lu Jin is one.

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