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source: I dark horse

host: Wang Ji,

Guest: Li Xueling

(Guangzhou play information technology Co. Ltd. founder) Zhang Hao (happy education group president) the other horse camp participants

finishing: Li Chuantao,

[I dark horse introduction] nearly one or two years, online education can be described as raging fire. Online education company financing news keep coming, almost every time there will be an online course to venture company announced the acquisition of millions of dollars in investment, and the website user activity is very high, is a hugely popular.

in foreign countries, the combination of Internet and education has produced great commercial value and social value. In China, reached the online education field immediately Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan CEO resigned after the second venture website "91 teacher" also immediately surfaced. But when the online education really meets the atmosphere of Chinese education, the status quo is not optimistic. The current situation of education industry, education complex, willing to do education contents are mainly concentrated online, and understand the IT, people who understand the Internet will focus on a platform rather than do the content, so the domestic Internet education model is the primary.

In this case

, online education entrepreneurs how to grasp opportunities and avoid risks? Many insiders told the "entrepreneurs", although online education is likely to usher in a large outbreak this year, but it is not the subversion of all kinds of education "nirvana". If you do not, you may become a martyr from a pioneer.

online education is not a particularly profitable industry,

Moderator: many people are now involved in online education, and this industry seems to be a new flashpoint. How should we view the development stage of the domestic online education, and what are its values?

Li Xueling: online education is still in the early stages of development. Over a long period of time, I know who voted online education VC losses in a complete mess. Only a few people do online education to earn money, earn money just selling permits, such as access to a certain card a ministries, huangjinwanliang came from. But online education has changed a lot over the past one or two years. We can already see that the Internet will bring about a great revolution in education.

first, online education greatly releases student resources. In the past, students were very difficult to obtain training and learning because of geography, price and other factors, but the Internet gave them the opportunity. Second, release the teacher resources. Now is a time when everyone can be a teacher, because the Internet has made teaching costs very low. For example, I can open a class on the Internet, talk about entrepreneurship 8 years of financing experience and failure lesson, each person received 300, 30 people enough

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