Acquaintance society and website development

wrote this topic, not a bit with profound respect and humility. I do not engage in social studies, nor engage in business promotion, I was engaged in the site, so it will make people laugh. However, I have always believed in my own feelings and believed in some of the ideas and ideas that were summed up by long periods of perceptual experience.

"acquaintance society" and "contract society"

in short, "acquaintance society" is "relationship society"; "stranger society" is "contract society"".

in the acquaintance society, people’s interaction is based on interpersonal relationship closeness as a reference; people of different ways of interaction, differences of interpersonal communication and maintaining trust mode, respectively. This is the main "acquaintance society" and "strangers society". The interpersonal relationship as a reference; the latter is the contract by law to maintain. In addition, there is little to say, "acquaintance society" not only in rural areas or small towns, even in the metropolis, as long as the growth in natural China culture, there will be more or less a little acquaintance good things "concept, according to the relationship with others, as the interaction principle.

in the countryside, in a unit, in a circle, because of the geographical, trade, kinship and other relations, it is easy to find "Acquaintances Society" of the traditional shadow. In cities, in different industries, in unrelated circles, people can appreciate the existence of a "stranger society".

"stranger society" is a relative concept of "acquaintance society". When we came to the city from the countryside, we came to a "stranger society" in a sense". In particular, many new to a city, began to start or live, but also realize the "stranger society."". Many people feel that in a district, a building, a unit, upstairs downstairs, even next door, only one family closed the door, opened the door, who do not know who, even for a few years and never contacts.

The role of

, "acquaintance society" and "stranger society" in the development of websites

The essence of

"acquaintance society" is that the foundation of acquaintance society is trust, interest and security. We usually can deeply understand that "good acquaintances do things" is this truth, in a circle, understand each other. So it’s very convenient. We can’t deny, if you do business, is not the first to acquaintances come to give you support? Development is restricted by then need to promote development, is hoping to expand their circle of acquaintances? As our website, when built is not the first to his friends and colleagues say look, let them come to the point of views, and send some IP, but also through their own website publicity, in fact most of the time, the webmaster in the promotion of the time is only in his own promotion, customers are not the promotion, this is not a good phenomenon. As long as your site is good enough, go to your "Acquaintances" to promote it.

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