From the experience of their own power giant grassroots website why can survive

moment is a key period for the development of the Internet, because it is a traditional computer on the Internet to the mobile Internet era, many industry companies or individuals who are full of opportunities and challenges, I am just today in the webmaster online to see a friend said the Internet is about ecological articles, I feel truth. We can find several domestic giant Internet Co is always the domestic Internet news headlines, we often hear that a giant acquisition of shares or a website, it is essentially the whole Internet giant companies in transition period of adjustment.

always see someone: Grassroots webmaster to go out speech in the head of the community, the reason is that the current Internet toward centralized direction, the vast majority of Internet companies are around a few giants, the opposition alliance formed between them, while a grassroots website is not possible with these camps to snatch bit good, so that the grassroots webmaster will disappear in the Internet, most big companies only to work. Of course, some people argue that this point of view, the Internet now is really not very optimistic for the grassroots, but there are so many grassroots is very successful, even to a certain extent is a good opportunity, because the owners of such changes eliminated the chaos, you hate mischief.

my own opinion on the above point of view, who said that there is some truth; I think that if there is no certain courage rather than do the Internet or go to work as early as possible, and to be successful, must pay a lot. I like this a few years of amateur made a navigation station, I feel that regardless of traffic or income for an amateur practitioners is indeed very good, of course, outsiders will have all kinds of envy, because everyone thought I was a few years this casually do a website, a. Accidentally do succeed, even more than many full-time website is doing better. But in fact, in order to do this site, I also pay a lot, but we may only see my success, but I do not know to pay, of course would not be really successful, just passable, not too embarrassed. But anyway, I still insist on the site down, is to survive, and reference the society pay and reward the common standards I made; therefore I think I still make their sites survive, so there is also a little bit of qualifications with you to discuss whether in the present situation of Titans there is room for survival under the grassroots. My conclusion is that the grass roots certainly have scope for survival, but not everyone has it, because even if you can survive, you have to pay a lot.

first, the giants are not "extreme love" extremely, there is always a place they have not fallen in love with. Although in many areas, especially in the fields of the largest user base, such as social networking, search, these Internet super large cake already don’t fall in love with the giants, and their family’s nouveau riche is sure to grab a hand, and we only stand out their roots. But many >

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