Webmaster should learn to share, grow and win together

from a don’t know the technology to full-time webmaster, experienced the ups and downs, always want to share your experience. So I put the theme as 6 words: share, grow, win together!


1, know how to share. The webmaster is lonely, every day alone in the face of computer and website background, statistics, advertising alliance is the webmaster… "Behind closed doors" or Open mentality? I think that most people will use open to do the mentality of the station. Most of the webmaster is willing to help others, do at the beginning of the station, there are many technical things are utterly ignorant of, but by many webmaster friends, many webmaster and I introduced some promotion methods and the knowledge of SEO and so on. So I want to do as a webmaster, so learn to share the experience of doing their own stand out, though not necessarily right, but is the wise remark of an experienced person. Like to listen to more than 2 hours of lecture grassroots website long laughter in QQ group yesterday, benefit. From why to do the station to the site of the operation, and so on, benefit a lot, so the webmaster to learn to share, so that we will get more friends, get more useful information.

2. learns to grow. The development of the Internet is unpredictable. Yesterday, BBS, SNS today, I don’t know what new things will happen tomorrow. So as a webmaster, will have the ability to learn, while mainstream things are not always suitable for their own, but we have to understand the development trend of the industry, learning is always good! I was just beginning is really what all don’t understand, but I don’t understand. I will take the initiative to learn and grasp. Learn to change the program, put the code, SEO, promotion, pull advertising, along the way, learned too much. Therefore, the webmaster should continue to grow and learn.

3. to use win-win mentality. Many people try to dominate the world, but in reality may? Is there Gome, Suning will not have? In fact, every site has its own customer groups, so in the limited conditions, we must use a win-win mentality to face competition in the market. As I just started doing web sites, I would like to position myself as the largest English Portal in china. Later found, what I can do Chinese biggest English portals have China English network, in front of other and wwenglish, after N followed by a website. In fact, the most important thing is to do a good job of content, good service to their users, this is the most fundamental. Market this cake, we share together, as to how much can be obtained, there are many reasons. As long as everyone can cultivate this market well, we all have the opportunity to cooperate and win together!


above is what I do more than 2 years of experience, direction, English network, www.59edu.com webmaster Wei Yaoxin, exchange QQ:81094880

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