The stationmaster popularized the events and made heroes

recently, the Sanlu incident has been bubbling with excitement, jokes and reports about Sanlu, milk industry and so on. Many Chinese are jittery, what sight for all dairy is a blank. As a small webmaster, I am concerned about the progress of the whole event, often on the Internet to see the post, suddenly, the day before yesterday, I found a good piece of music. Now I’ll forward it. One is to let everyone know about this, and the other is to let you know how I promoted my 8 door network through an article.

I sent a piece of post on my website. The original text is as follows:

a solid word for dairy workers (trans)

I don’t want to put up with the dairy insider I know,

I majored in dairy technology. I just graduated from a major dairy group in china. Position – milk collector.

the Sanlu incident these days is bubbling with noise. In fact, in my view, nothing strange, things have always been exposed, it is only a matter of time, and what is the enterprise to become the unfortunate hit the muzzle. Melamine — the tip of an iceberg. Perhaps this event is going to come to the next paragraph, perhaps just the beginning of the curtain……

‘s outgoing employees went everywhere to say "bad company" of the company. This employee must be immoral. I used to think so, but lately I’ve changed my mind. A person who knows the inside story and doesn’t tell others and watches others fall into the trap is a thoroughly immoral person.

, I haven’t had a drop of milk since leaving office,

let me talk first about the process of milk collection. The milk of dairy farmers is collected and collected by the milk stations at the local villages and towns, and the milk is paid to the dairy farmers according to their quality. Quality indicators are nothing more than pH, protein, and dry matter. Then the milk station (of course the milk station is the owner of the private car) with the canned mixed and shipped to the factory, and the factory sampling and measurement index according to quality, grade pay. Do not know, we do not see, I do not expect this operation mode will appear what problems? Some people say, not "natural pasture", "industrial collection"? Yes, there are indeed. But I can only say: "brother, you are silly, naive,


milk farmers want to make more money, how to do? Simple ah, watering ah. That watered down indicators will not sell at a good price, how can I do? Simple ah mixed * * *. Milk station want to make more money, how to do? Simple ah……. The milk is milk station from individual to mixed to the tanker, there is a sudden deterioration, how do ah, the whole car fell? Dozens of tons of cans of milk protein, low dry matter low how to do? How to do? How to do some of the low pH value of the cattle disease? Get antibiotics do? Some bovine lactation hormones play

how to do?

back, dairy farmers little measure to keep the milk station? The milk stations can conceal work > 99

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