The general process of network marketing planning

network marketing planning is a highly logical work, not network marketing personnel or business owners pat their heads will be able to think of it. There are a lot of job changes. Network marketing planning should focus on the overall situation and co-ordinate arrangements. Here is the author to do the general process of planning, to share with you.

first: establish the purpose of network marketing planning.

aims at a general description of the goals of marketing planning. The target is not clear, and the whole plan is out of the question. Here you can solve the problem of one side of the enterprise, such as:

through the network channels to expand the company’s channels, increase sales. Build brands or promote brand awareness through the internet. Enterprise development and expansion, the original network marketing program need to make new adjustments.

second: draw up the plan of network marketing.

here is the process of planning the network marketing plan, the network marketing planning process is subdivided. Planning process. The process is divided into four stages. They are the preparatory stage, the investigation stage, the design stage and the implementation stage.

budget the planned funding.

effect prediction. In the formulation of the network marketing plan, we must predict the possible effect after the implementation of the network marketing plan. The effect can be divided into direct economic effect and indirect economic effect.

third: Market Research and forecast.

when the marketing plan is approved by the company or approved by the leader. The market survey can be carried out according to the plan. Specific from the following aspects: Research on the network market itself, new product research, pricing research, advertising research, distribution channels research, promotion strategies and methods of investigation, etc.. Of course, market research and forecast should be determined according to the purpose of enterprise network marketing planning. For enterprises to solve problems, through careful investigation, collection, collation, analysis, make relevant reports and forecasts. The purpose of market research is to analyze the market environment and find the market opportunities on the basis of investigation and according to the purpose of planning.

fourth: writing network marketing plan.

in fact, writing the marketing plan is throughout the process. When the company proposes the plan goal and the enterprise existence question, often starts in the plan heart to have all sorts of methods and the strategy. At this time should think of the method and strategy written, through the network market survey, constantly planning plan to amend and supplement.

fifth: implementation of network marketing plan.

passed the relevant personnel of enterprises that the goods after the examination and approval of plan was finalized after the guidelines become network marketing activities, after thinning become hard targets and action plans in different stages of the company, guiding enterprises to the whole network marketing activities.

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