The construction site will be shut out of the user inadvertently Moin

network it is coming of age, the latest statistics show that more than 82.5% of the enterprises have their own website, nearly 30% of small and medium-sized enterprises and micro enterprises, is ready or will build your own company website. However, the road to enterprise information is not all the way down, although the construction of the website opened the enterprise mailbox, did not benefit from the benefits of the internet. Many enterprise website design crudely made not to say, but do not update the month after month and year after year. Although the popularity of the search engine has exceeded 90% or even higher, but there are still many websites, and even can not retrieve through the enterprise name, not to mention products or industry related keywords.

is a lot of business operators in the subjective sense, but also that the enterprise website is dispensable, or have it on the line, and did not link it with marketing and profit. Cause many company’s website not only did not deserve the publicity and marketing effect, but on the contrary, it left a little good impression on the users and shut out some potential customers. Apart from the search engines can not retrieve, that is, through the domain name browser, many websites are as persistent ills. For example, the opening speed is slow, waiting for half a day later to present to the customer, but it is a shoddy design, and then with the unsatisfactory column settings, even if the user needs again, I am afraid I will give up.

omission 1: domain name selection careless

domain names are similar to the name or brand of an enterprise. They are trademarks of websites on the internet. Such an important thing has been taken lightly by many enterprises. This omission is manifested in the choice of the name of the domain name and the selection of the domain name. The ideal domain name is, of course, the brand or the name of the enterprise. Because the COM domain name has been popular, such as non essential advice as soon as possible to take care of the user habits, choose COM domain name; two is crucial to the DNS domain name server domain name resolution server stability, DNS has always been a weak link. And every year there is a domain name registrar DNS attacks, resulting in a large number of domain names can not be normal analysis phenomenon, stable DNS parsing service requires considerable technical support, and stable and secure software and hardware firewall protection. And these non ordinary IDC enterprises can do, it is recommended to select well-known service providers registered domain name.

negligence two: host select cheap goods sub

host instability, I do not know how many SMEs and grassroots webmaster heart pain, unstable hosts not only affect the user browsing the content of the site, but also a fatal killer of web optimization. Frequent downtime website space, will put into the abyss of website optimization. On the contrary, quality, security, fast and stable web hosting, greatly enhance the user experience and search engine friendliness. For example, configuring independent IP for the host will be very beneficial to web optimization. Now the social rhythm is more and more quick, people’s heart also more and more impetuous, the loading fast host has no doubt catered to this kind of psychology, also has increased the website credibility to a certain extent. In fact, compared to speed, security and stability is more important, which requires the choice of host

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