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Two highly original content of

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small has two sites, in order to test the pseudo original is not really can’t let search engine recognition, the author has conducted experiments on the pseudo original, after a period of practice, feeling the pseudo original also need skills. Today, Xiaobian and we share how the original content of the original and not easy to be recognized by the search engine pseudo original.

how to do the original content of

website optimization, promotion of knowledge, problems and website keyword integration as the original content of the site. As the saying goes, "content is king", there is no doubt that the original content is a site of fresh blood, an important role on the site, I believe everyone for having heard it many times, thousands of small Fong exchange in this is not to say, but for most of the grass-roots webmaster, which have time for a lot of original content, and then everyone how can I put a little bit of skill of original content to share with you. In fact, many friends think that the original reason is difficult to do the site do not understand the industry, saying that the site is involved in the knowledge of the industry is not enough, is this the only way to lose control of it?

of course not, in fact, in turn to think of it, we are caught in a misunderstanding that the "original content related to the theme of the site, professional" too much emphasis on the content, in fact, this point of view, itself is not wrong, but also must comply with my website, 1000 Fong exchange as an example, in fact I sink oil or oil to 1000 Fang is not understand, but as a grassroots webmaster, a SEOER, on how to optimize the site, on how to build the website, how to effectively carry out the network promotion, we will have a lot of problems, a lot of ideas and experience can be summed up. Why can’t we write these experiences, problems, and knowledge into original articles about our own website,


for example my site is 1000 Fang sinks, then when I was writing the original content of the website, can do some thousand Fong exchange in the process of SEO oil encountered problems; this article 1000 Fong exchange website optimization how to better. That is, the website will optimize the knowledge and the theme of the web site keywords, combining creative original article.

How does

perform pseudo artifact skills that are not easily identified by search engines?

and many friends, my side also has automatic acquisition plus pseudo original software, personal feeling now is, web site acquisition plus pseudo original content is more and more difficult to be included in the search engine. Careful webmaster will find that in fact pseudo original software are basically the same, which is the combination of keyword and title for collection of content or title, or automatically select the word as the title or other mechanical algorithm for content, is nothing more than a synonym substitution such as essential oils for stovepipe the stovepipe essence, paragraph exchange combination and random deletion, then insert keywords or anchor text, all >

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