The site was blocked by Baidu’s future development strategy


is like a feudal ruler, his eyes can not tolerate a grain of sand, if you become a Baidu eye of the sand, then, whether the thought for the future development of a turn? Maybe you are not cheating, even the most basic SEO optimization are not, then why should you ask, Baidu K? Baidu K you need a reason? He dominated the 70% Chinese search engine market, he has reason to pull


no nonsense, then, if in case of Baidu K, how should the website develop,


give up, from the Internet… (choose here, I Speechless rascal Dragon..)

2. for IP, for corn… (if you’re using corn soon, I suggest you change, huh, huh)

3. to increase external connections, improve PR, the total static, to Google by Qi, after all, GG also occupies 13% of the Chinese search market,


4. for excellent moderators, to establish a good atmosphere in order to have a good reputation and word-of-mouth is a very good source of traffic, if you do a good job, do not rely on the same engine mix. For example, 2006 Christmas, I made a Christmas card program, sent a dozen friends on QQ.5 QQ group, then they will forward… The more than a week, the cards are about 1000 pages of IP

5. qigoo, sogua joined Daqi forum alliance or pull more, and recommends some controversial content. Now I IP, the daily average of nearly one thousand IP from Daqi and Qihoo, sometimes good posts have been adopted in the Daqi editor home page, one day can Laisiwuqian IP.

6. if you pull enough, add 265 or hao123, if people don’t accept you, just add some small site navigation, give him a link, he will put you in the page navigation, one day a few IP is IP? Site navigation so much, a few more.


7. if is the movie station or photo station, you can also get a lot of IP, through self-help chain such as;;;; because there is no need to put you in the code, as long as you stand on their connection, can form more, so you can easily get hundreds of IP.

8. do friendship connection, not only can improve the PR and Pastebin, also can bring good traffic. For example, I found a large edit, do the girls in the community ( links a day to hundreds of IP>

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