My website thematic planning experience, actual combat summary

10 years of operation when the bit state, once the main special card, and the effect is very good, then based on the thematic planning experience written website project planning methods and skills (combat experience) a new web series by love, after a lapse of 3 years, although rarely topics, but the content of the planning is always my favorite. So today with a long winded thematic planning experience is marked "title! Have sailed the seven seas because forget", or "operation state when the bit very touching" feeling. Although TA has entered the Internet Museum, talk less and get to the point!

content sites (such as portal and community theme), business website, enterprises are required to stop planning topics, or for the hot event focusing depth reports, or to do a systematic deep integration of a topic, or holiday promotions, or corporate events network reports, new product release, without exception, need a special planning special or series. The significance of the topic for the website is to achieve the goal of focusing the eyeball, enhancing the soft power of the website and achieving the ultimate goal of the website by means of systematic, deep text information and product information. In a word, the topic is a marketing tool.

each topic must carry a business target. No business objectives at the end of the line to feature strong! Portal news as the foundation of this, so the special mostly in depth reports of hot events, real-time tracking for special soul; the content of community with UGC as the source of content, if there is complicated content integration, will break down the user eyeball, condition of interactive community activities planning is essential; and in the price war is more intense in the field of electricity providers, real-time occasion launched promotional activities, not only to promote the sales of the store, word of mouth has great help; new product enterprise station issued, important information, are now trying to use the Internet tools, in the portal site special report, to to expand the brand influence. And so on. Topic has become the website promotion, network marketing the best assault weapon. Or for flow, or to increase activity, loyalty, or promote sales of goods…

thematic planning objectives vary, but the methods are similar. This paper describes the path from a complete feature selection from the planning – line – to assess the effect of ink! Note: This article is mainly applied to content focused project planning, project planning activities and planning for future landing page page summary


the first step: to hold the topic selection meeting, collect business requirements, and define the theme, theme and goal of the project.

topic selection work method, it is said that originated from excellence network. in selling books, every day have a meeting that day to recommend selection of the book on the first page. This, of course, is based on user and market requirements. Thematic planning also needs such a topic selection conference: what topic should I do on this subject, where it comes from, what business objectives it will achieve, the on-line time point of the project and so on. Then, what topics, topics, and topics should be achieved? What are the goals of the website? When it comes from the sales department or the operations department

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