National Day 818 house prices will be reversed

buy a house, become a pressure on the body of a large mountain, but also become a big piece of marriage now necessary. September 21, 2014 afternoon, the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government Office formally issued a document, the abolition of the purchase of housing.

but still did not block the property market deregulation has continued downward. August 2014, the national 70 large and medium cities housing price index has been down for the past fourth months, the real estate industry investment growth is falling into the valley.

save the property market is still in the fermentation upgrade. September 22nd, in Nanjing issued a document to cancel the purchase of second days, a rumor stirred the entire real estate industry and the capital market: the central bank to the top four lines to relax, relax the first suite of mortgage standards.

whenever the property market downturn, developers, banks and local governments, the central government has entered a rescue game field. The current round of the property market downturn, from the market supply and demand changes and credit continues to be relaxed. In strong stimulation has been abandoned by the central macroeconomic background, whether it is just unfolding the second wave of the third wave bailout, or still holds, is to let the house once again shaking reversal, or just show a backing?

"cancel the purchase after posting, many developers open the night of celebration, the day finally arrived." Nanjing local real estate media, a senior Wang Ming (a pseudonym) recalls. National Bureau of statistics data show that Nanjing house prices have fallen for three consecutive months.

3 month, see the nearby capital of Hangzhou housing stock exceeded 100 thousand, prices began to fall, Wang Ming contact the industry is still a joke this thing, "we all feel unbelievable feeling, the Hangzhou property market is not worse than Nanjing".

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