Pay attention to young people entrepreneurial pain point to build service platform

young is to struggle, the young entrepreneurial capital is young, but they also have a lot of pain, they want to start to do poineering work better, to better service platform for young entrepreneurs.

3 25 afternoon, China Computer Society (CCF) more than 20 people in Hefei branch chairman, vice president of HeFei University of Technology Liu Xiaoping, to research the "double" high tech zone. Working committee member, deputy director of the CMC Lv Changfu hospitality, assistant director of the CMC Wang Wei 5F, a coffee, a person in charge of Huizhong Su River space, office, Trade Bureau, Personnel Bureau, Finance Bureau, bureau of science and technology, China Merchants will be responsible for ginseng.

Lv Changfu first to learn a computer China warmly welcomed the arrival, district science and Technology Bureau, high-tech park development group respectively, the "double" work and high group work were reported. CCF Hefei Executive Committee, Dean of the school of software, HeFei University of Technology, Zheng Liping, on behalf of CCF Hefei introduced the current situation of innovation and entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities. Subsequently, the two sides focused on each other’s concerns about the pain of college teachers and students, the focus of government support, such as in-depth exchanges.

research group of high tech Zone "hit" fully affirmed, hope that both sides will further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, give full play to their advantages in resources, efforts to build a service platform for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, and the majority of entrepreneurs.



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