Lottery entrepreneurship innovation school in Chongqing

in such a national entrepreneurial tide, all over the country are actively build some entrepreneurial class, some entrepreneurs to provide some new business information, it has also been a lot of entrepreneurs welcome.

in the national wave of entrepreneurship, your heart is not ready to, but suffer from good projects can not find, do not know how to start; or, you have to go in business on the road, do not know how to go to a broader world. Now, the city has been ready for the lottery center of a business gift, to sign up to get it!

"lottery innovation school"

9 24 to 25 am on the morning of, the city lottery center will be held in the town of yellow ridge real estate building lottery service hall lottery innovation school to help all people with entrepreneurial dreams take the footsteps of dreams.

"lottery innovation school" is divided into three sections, "dream school", "skill school" and "School of marketing". In the lottery entrepreneurial innovation school, the students can learn the lottery management mode and the basic knowledge of various lottery. There will be a lottery teacher hands to teach you, a good way to run a lottery shop.

For the first time to the recruitment of

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as the main gameplay of the sports lottery, "Ding Gua Gua" which means that the lottery has up to 65% of the award rate of return, which makes it one of the highest rates of domestic varieties of lottery prize, the majority of the people loved. At the same time, as the public welfare lottery, "all the chest top Gung scraping raised, will be used for sports and the development of social welfare, so the sales of" Ding Gua Gua "is also engaged in public welfare undertakings.

note that, due to the nature of sales lottery top Gung scraping product, want to join them in the enterprises, institutions or social organizations, the store must have certain management recommended

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