You are not in the business, just looks like in the business, the results of their own even believe

we have a lot of pseudo entrepreneurs, like a swarm of bees into entrepreneurship, but not to an entrepreneur’s self-cultivation requirements. In fact, they are better suited to fantasy, but to get down to work, or do a little business. Because they do not do poineering preparation, behind totally not see entrepreneurs entrepreneurship losers sad and miserable.


this time last year, I was still working in the field, in the hometown of old classmates B brother in QQ chat with me, conceal his excitement: "ah (my nickname three soil soil), you will come back next year? You brother back in your honor, drive you to eat lobster." My heart says this man was not to stop, one is one, it is drunk sing what


B brother family was not wealthy, is at work in a well-off, can also profit units, salary is not high. To drive, I believe the old man, because he does have a NISSAN car; lobster, on his salary should not afford to eat, but also from the old almanac B brother often can not honor the promise and put dove’s point of view, I can not believe all.

anyway, chat, chat a few words.

"earth ah, brother recently saw a project, sporting goods category. I see, but we still have a great gap in the market, have a brilliant future! "B brother is still very excited.

"really? It is not just what you have to say, this business find sources, when the franchisee, rent space, we need to look at the local user groups used what?" although I was a worker, but the basic way of doing business or to say the Yierlai.

"you see you conservative! Don’t you know what water? The man cannot say you can’t know!? I went to a city, but also a lot of information, this road has a risk, but it is worth a go! I, first wade a bowl of muddy water, you look good B brother!" when I just finished above the message after the thunder speed back to me, or he is typing too fast, or he had carefully to see what I’m saying?

I was

for B brother Nie bahan, he grew up a chicken cavity, but always hit a hammer East, West on a stick, three minutes style obviously. I am B’s entrepreneurial spirit point Zan, even the prime minister said to start all over the country, I stand one hundred thumbs support. However, by chicken business, fear is not so easy? But fortunately I saw "a" four words, B brother at least not a hot head to post a speech hastily into the sea.

Two months after

, we didn’t get in touch with each other. Man, not every day all together. I still continue to do my work, but also often see B brothers in the circle of friends to send some sports pictures and inspirational articles – it seems that B brother really used the effort, at least looks like.

two months later, B called me

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