The change of payment methods to promote the development of retail customers

now go out to buy things, if still with a large amount of cash, I am afraid that others will be considered "". After all, the times have changed, and more intelligent ways to pay. In recent years, with the widespread use of smart phones. The streets and lanes of the "bow" everywhere. At present, our retailers also are catching up with a variety of APP prevails over the development of high-tech, maybe you will see the development and application of high-tech to your side, then your heart will feel very proud and full.

indeed, these new technology will bring a lot of convenience to our retail store for example: households now WeChat paid envelopes, POS credit card payment, Alipay pay already in the actual operation in our application. Pro, in your daily business also accept customer call to WeChat or Alipay payment envelopes require the use of payment? I believe you will meet! So if you keep up with the pace of the times, the store has already used the high-tech, the hands of the business will not be quietly lost, I believe you must have accumulated a lot of experience in the operation! So come on today!

Henan retail Household Liu Xiaoqin

operating time: 8 years

payment: WeChat red payment really convenient

the day before noon, the weather is particularly hot, a strange young man rushed into my shop. Ask: "boss, do you have white sand in the shop (hard fine two generation)? Come on, give me 10. My grandfather died suddenly." Looking at the strange young man is very anxious, I quickly went to the counter next to take 10 white sand (hard quality of the two generation) into the bag.

this time, I saw the young man touched the pocket, very anxious to say: boss, I am sorry, with two thousand yuan more than $60, you have WeChat! I add your friends, with WeChat red envelopes to you to pay these 10 smoke money!" "Younger brother, can!" So, I put my own micro signal told him, and so on and then receive, less than a second, thousands of dollars of cigarettes paid with a red envelope to me.

so I thought, as the retailer, intelligent mobile phone can really give us business bring unexpected benefits, safe and fast, can quickly solve as pressing danger brings convenience to us, the payment can be said for you and me. We will continue to use this new payment method.

, however, WeChat red envelopes to pay for older customers do not use very well, because they will not WeChat, but will be some simple answer the phone. There is a shop near my house

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