Hefei entrepreneurs connect Silicon Valley entrepreneurs exchange

how to run a start-up company to achieve rapid growth, is just on the entrepreneurial road entrepreneurs eager to know, and entrepreneurial success is closely related. This kind of knowledge can not learn from books, the best choice is to communicate with entrepreneurs.

"entrepreneurial companies how to start?" Moderator to Saman  Farid questions.

the most concerned about the issue, the entrepreneur Saman  Farid; talked about his entrepreneurial experience.

Saman  Farid said that most companies in the early stages of entrepreneurship often do not grasp the market demand, which is one of the important reasons leading to the failure of entrepreneurship. "The market demand is not static, the need for entrepreneurs to master a large number of market data, and in the entrepreneurial process in accordance with market demand constantly self adjustment."

the entrepreneurial process, "human" is a crucial factor. Online communication, high-tech entrepreneurs who exchange their own in the course of the business encountered confusion, which is the most concerned about is how to become a successful entrepreneur? How to build a team that has the ability to fight?

Saman  Farid says that as an entrepreneur, you must have a clear entrepreneurial vision. This ideal is not imagined out of thin air, but has a data support recommended

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