Mall counters need to operate how profitable

when we go to a mall inside, always be inside the counter to attract, such business needs to know how to operate you know? The store counter business is not the same as compared to physical stores, and it is not a simple matter, if the shopping mall operating errors will give investors bring great economic losses, so, how to operate the store counter will be profitable?

one: the operation of the store counter than the store’s business complex in the eyes of many people, compared with the store, shopping malls counter is very easy thing to do. The clerk by the mall management, goods provided by the manufacturer, to sit back. Shopping counter is completely different from the store, in fact, more complex than the store shop counters." One hundred shopping mall Investment Department official denied this view. He said that the operation of the store is relatively simple, relatively simple cost accounting. In addition to rent, staff salaries and other normal operating costs, the difference between the price and the price is profit.

two: easy operation of mature brands, of course, the success of the mall counters, the most important point is that the brand can be recognized by consumers shopping mall. "Not the mall to make money, you must make money counter." A shopping center official said, many novice is often to see the mall’s fame ran over, and did not consider the brand itself. He said that many novice desperately want to squeeze into the well-known shopping malls, in the first half was eliminated, the result is a lose lose.

three: the novice is not a small risk management system to implement the store counter deduction, how much to buy goods, how much to the mall, the investment risk does not seem. But in fact, it is not as beautiful as it seems". Mall counters have a relatively big challenge, especially the novice on the road, if the operation is not yet mature brand, it is even greater risk.

"mall counters a few times a year to adjust, sales performance is not ideal, there will be immediately drive out the danger, the store can be in accordance with their own steps slowly out of the market." One agent said. According to incomplete statistics, from the past few years, the mall counters counters counters, emerging brands reached 70%. A withdraw, the initial investment is completely cast to the wind.

hope after seeing a small series of analysis we can know how to operate this business, analysis of small series have many deficiencies, hope of understanding, the store counter operation and unlike the surface so easy, even the big brands to operate carefully, so if it is just entering the field of business novice investors can try to enhance the professional I believe in the business process, the brand is also very helpful.

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