Shanghai staged a journey of innovation and Entrepreneurship

with the wave of entrepreneurship gradually move forward, almost every city is trying to integrate into the future development of innovative entrepreneurship. Shanghai, with its unique advantages, has become a famous city in china.

"double" environment, Shanghai has become a city of innovation is becoming a reality. Not long ago, the third round of Shanghai to encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment three years action plan. According to the plan, the city will carry out entrepreneurship education and training 100 thousand people, municipal incubation demonstration base reached 80, helping lead the business of 30 thousand people, including college students not less than 20 thousand people, 200 thousand people entrepreneurship to create jobs.

in order to allow entrepreneurs to start early in the smooth development of the functional departments of the Shanghai municipal government to build the "business ecosystem", from the start-up opened registration Easy Access, provide guidance and recommended investment institutions to provide all kinds of entrepreneurial skills, people’s livelihood policy information, legal advisory services for start-ups and industry support for a series of entrepreneurial talent, meticulous service, let startups do, go far. It is reported that from 2009 to 2014, the city to achieve entrepreneurship education and training 171 thousand people, to create entrepreneurial city of the 12, to help the success of the business of the 71 thousand, led the employment of 597 thousand people.

2014 years, Shanghai continued entrepreneurial activity. Data show that in 2014 the city’s total entrepreneurial activity rate was 10.4% per 100 people aged 16 to 65 years old people engaged in business activities of more than 10 people, including 35 under the age of young college students has become the most active entrepreneurial people, entrepreneurial activity rate is as high as 12.2%, has become the main force in Shanghai industry. In 2009 the city entrepreneurial activity rate was only 7.5%.

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