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refers to the breast mastitis of acute suppurative inflammation, most common in lactating women, especially primipara. At any time of lactation mastitis can occur in the breast is not completely open under the situation most prone to mastitis, can also occur in weaning. So, how to prevent mastitis of female


1, antibiotic

systemic antibiotics. In order to prevent and treat severe infections and septicemia, antibiotics should be selected according to bacterial culture and drug sensitivity.

2, pay attention to clean

early injection rest pauses in patients with breast feeding, cleaning the nipple and areola of breast milk, discharge, and incision drainage should stop breastfeeding.

3, the use of milk medicine

stop ipsilateral to lactation, breast suction suck milk. The proper use of lactifuge, diethylstilbestrol and a l mg, 3 times a day, or bromocriptine once 2. 5 mg, once a day, 3 times.



local hot compress, or with fresh dandelion, honeysuckle leaves each 60 grams of washed with vinegar or wine a little Daolan topical. With a wide strap or hold up the breast bra.

5, closed

A 80 ml 60

0.25% procaine breast closed to reduce inflammation. Oral or intravenous drip of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Penicillin 1 million units can be dissolved in 20 ml of normal saline, injected around inflammatory lumps.

6, purulent

has formed abscess, incision and drainage. The incision should be in a radial direction and avoid the nipple, areola. Breast or breast abscess after lower deep abscess, can breast fold in breast for arc incision.

7, Chinese medicine treatment of

heat antidote. Early treatment of mastitis, early stage mainly for milk siltation, heat toxin filled, the treatment principle for clearing heat, detumescence Tongru detoxification.

can take medicine: Trichosanthes burdock soup (Trichosanthes, burdock, Radix trichosanthis, Radix Scutellariae, tangerine peel, gardenia, honeysuckle, forsythia, bupleurum, pangolin, Qi plus Loulu orange leaf, Chuan Zi). Swelling pain with frankincense, myrrh, red peony.

(internship editor: He Lili)

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