Write the end of the year to become rich road

year-end summary is a lot of people’s troubles, but also bring business opportunities". Recently, the reporter found that the network to write business at the end of year-end bonus is unusually hot, in the Taobao online business, to write such a larger volume, fees for 100 yuan to 80 yuan per thousand words, touted by many people. In this regard, there are users that it is convenient, but also expressed concern that the quality is difficult to cross the border at the same time, it will involve privacy, it is not afraid to try.

"network to write" the end of hot

"write the professional team, invites senior industry practitioners tailor-made for you……" I graduated from the Chinese Department of the University, engaged in secretarial work for 15 years, and was appointed as a website expert……" Recently, the reporter in the Taobao keyword typing summary, immediately pop more than 500 pieces of information, many of which are introduced as the advertising information.

The general process of

user comments: it is convenient, but what about the disclosure of the confidential information?

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