Do not open shop fast food restaurants can really make money

if only from the needs of the market to analyze, there seems to be no shop fast food really has a very good development market, it is worth our investment. However, if the investment to do such a business is really able to earn high interest? Let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

is called a fast food store is simply in the context of radiation only open a fast food production studio to do takeout lunch box, and then by the distribution of fast food will be sent to the hands of customers.

concentrated in the office area, covered with QQ fast food, MSN fast food, so group meals…… No store fast-food restaurants with modern communication tools have developed rapidly take cities and seize territory. They advertised their own cheap, easy to contact, clean and hygienic, to ensure delivery within half an hour, but also did win the favor of many office workers.

‘s lunch market is a huge temptation, fast food easy to make, coupled with the need to reduce the cost of shop. On the surface, there is no store fast food is undoubtedly a good way to start a low starting point. However, in fact, the surface of the market demand for good projects, not good operation. Really can hold on for half a year, and do not stop to rectify, and even transfer, close the shop, only a few.

entry threshold low

pipelining, non store business has reduced the non store fast food costs, even some operators only ten thousand dollars to purchase cookware, disposable tableware, personally go into battle do fast food, pizza, two or three people can start operation. Propaganda is nothing more than the low cost of network marketing and promotional cards distributed, plus please do a simple web page, leaving QQ, MSN, telephone number, convenient used network, mobile phone ordering workers.


look back on the development of Chinese fast food for ten years, a lunch box price is always hovering around $10. Fast food industry has ended the era of profiteering, net profit of less than 10%. No shop fast food is no exception, in order to increase profitability, can only pay attention to the operation of the assembly line to save costs, try to reduce labor costs, to seek the size of winning.

high cost of distribution

the distribution cost of non – store fast food restaurant includes two aspects: labor cost and transportation cost. Traditional fast food restaurants waiting for customers to come, and occasionally in the presence of spare capacity clerk room door. And there is no store fast food restaurant is the door to the door as the basic way of life, must pay a high cost of delivery. According to the survey, in its cost structure, the cost of distribution accounted for 25% ~ 35%, and with the increase in labor costs continue to increase. In particular, scattered fast food, fried hot food business is the best hormone, but also the collapse of non store fast food >

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