What are the community store business strategy

is now a variety of large shopping malls, even in the surrounding communities, the same is a huge number of shops, which naturally brings difficulties to the management of major community stores. Although the community store in many ways than the big supermarket, but community stores also not inferior, everything is There are both advantages and disadvantages.. Although the advantages of large supermarkets, but there are deficiencies, although there are insufficient community stores, but there are advantages. In the fierce competition today, as the owner of the community should work hard to tap and develop more than the development of some of the characteristics of their own scale, so that their supermarket more beautiful point.

beautify the environment to create a good point

community stores have their own advantages, such as the shop is relatively small, unlike the big supermarket, in order to beautify the environment that have invested huge amounts of money, but also time-consuming, sometimes affecting customer shopping. As a community store, more advantages in landscaping. Today’s customers demand more and more high, they go into the store shopping first to investigate the store environment, so we should put the supermarket dress up some beautiful, so as to attract more customers.

The first step in

landscaping is clean and hygienic, which is the most basic and important. We can often clean the health, and often wipe, although the time and effort, but it is easy to complete. Customers into the store shopping, we see the environment is very clean and fresh, then the mood will naturally be very good, good mood, natural purchasing power to enhance the.

one of the customers said: "I went to the supermarket environment is particularly bad, a shop on the smell of bad smell, I do not have the mood to shop. However, your supermarket is particularly good, you can feel fresh into the store, the ground is particularly clean, the goods are spotless. I am very comfortable to buy things here, so I often come here to buy." In addition to clean sanitation, we can also create some cultural atmosphere, such as the appropriate location in the supermarket or put a few flowers to put up some Chinese nodes such as jewelry, with these ornaments, suddenly able to enhance our supermarket environment quality.

originally our environment may be very common, but with these kinds of decoration can immediately improve the taste, so as to leave a good impression. A customer said: "I found your window, put a few flowers especially good-looking, call what name? Is this a few potted flower embellishment, I think your shop with the breath of spring, beautiful flowers, you also become the beauty of the supermarket."

there are customers who say that my Chinese knot is good, and the Chinese knot in the wind seems to be welcoming them. Yes, the environment is indeed a big point in our community store, if we ignore it, then it is bound to be affected. But if we do not pay too much attention, we can attract customers.

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