The new platform of Shanghai power factory in Hugo international vision

innovation and entrepreneurship development like a raging fire cause, many entrepreneurs venture into the tide of people on the initiation of the idea of service for entrepreneurs, opened the business services company, to explore a new way to get rich.

30 PM, SASAC of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group and Hugo workshop (Beijing) Venture Investment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides set up a joint venture in Shanghai Lingang factory Hugo entrepreneurship Service Co. Ltd., the first project of Caohejing · excellent customer workshop official curtain. Mao said at the opening ceremony of Daqing, "I went home!"

it is reported that Shanghai Caohejing Hugo workshop is after Beijing · FESCO· Hugo workshop, 100· workshop and sunshine; Hugo dragon · Hugo workshop after the fourth projects, 3 projects at the same time it is also Shanghai has landed in the first opening of the project. The project area of nearly 4000 square meters, with the Internet, financial and trade based, but also includes new medical services, education and other fields. Mao Daqing said the strategic plan of Shanghai Hugo workshop is 8 to 10 next year and site layout.

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