Entrepreneurial shop to find the location of the 5 tricks tips can not be unknown

is now in the whole society, want to be successful on the road that become rich, the shop is a very good way, but in the process, a good store location is one of the main conditions.

"to the rich, open shop", which is popular in recent years is a verbal language. Small shops for entrepreneurs, how to choose the location of the store is particularly important. First look at the shop how to look for business facade?

How to find the

The first step: to find

in the choice of location is important, too busy place may because the rent is relatively high, relatively large area is hard to make you satisfactory rent secure, but busy section of sales is very helpful. We suggest funded and have confidence in the investment project investors to choose the downtown area here, if you can take a look at the downtown branch road was not found in the downtown area, you can find cheaper to store, and the flow is generally not very little, because some people do not want to go shopping in many places will choose some of the path, so that you have a certain amount of diversion. There are relatively concentrated in the local university is very suitable sales of young people’s favorite commodity, but is a holiday to consider.

if you want to rent, there are two necessary to remind you: close to the 1 shop rental shops are generally relatively high rents; 2 with no store rental you can also ask, tips on yourself.

The second step:


house found, but too big, how to do? The street will never find shop? There is a way! The big house can flat-share ah, with board between two well, because a lot of people have encountered the same problem. You can find a friend to see if there is no need to rent a house; or you can in the rental place, to see if anyone wanted to rent but because of the big stores to flat-share; or you can get a flat-share advertisement in the newspaper and Internet and other places, see if you can find flat-share partners. There is no stores when you can rent will take some legs and slobber, a boss ask to see if you can point the place for you. Remember to find that a very large area, the business is not good to ask. Do things like this, eat more hard harvest.

The third step:


best month delivery time, so save money, then talk to once every two months, and then not to say a quarter over time, and finally pay for half a year. If you don’t have to worry about money once, may require concessions. Attention to detail: take a look at the house decoration for? Do you want to re decoration investment; for instance you should be divided into two flat-share can make recommendation