Alert breast cancer beauty lies in _39 _ women’s health network

lies 1: I check the body every year, do not need to participate in professional screening

This situation often encountered

lie 4: I’m young, I don’t have the age of breast cancer. One of the distinctive features of breast cancer in women is: age 10-15 years earlier than in Europe and the United States, in recent years, the prevalence of age significantly ahead of schedule, extended by older women to young women under the age of 35 breast cancer patients accounted for about 10% of China’s most young breast cancer patients is only 8 years old. Remember: do not boast in breast cancer age!

lie 3: other breast diseases have never come to me, and breast cancer is certainly not close to me. With the growth of age, the prevalence of the body is also a trend of development. Not previously had other breast diseases, does not mean that you will not be, there is no causal relationship. If you are susceptible to breast cancer or high-risk groups, we must regularly carry out professional breast examination.

(internship editor: Zheng Yanjun)

lie 2: my family did not have breast cancer, I do not need to participate in a professional screening of family genetic factors is one of the main causes of breast cancer patients, the incidence rate is higher than the other people four times. But there is no family history, does not mean that you do not belong to high-risk groups, so regular breast examination is absolutely not to be missed.

clinically, some women have participated in the annual health examination, some even two times a year, but until the late to breast cancer hospital dedicated department visits, so many people miss the timing of treatment and the loss of precious lives.

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