At the end of the year of the Chengdu super high speed rail test rig

with the development of science and technology, more and more scientific and technological success has been used in real life, there is a Chengdu metro, and is expected to be put into use at the end of the year. What’s so special about this advanced metro? Let’s take a look at.

5 month 26 days, in the Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office held in Chengdu city rail transit industry media interviews, the reporter learned that Southwest Jiaotong University "multi-function high speed simulation test bench is expected to put into use at the end of this year.

this is the construction of the test bench, the main function is to test the high-speed train in the rain, snow, wind and other conditions of the operation of the response, as well as the study of earthquakes, crosswind and other high-speed train operation safety. The test rig is equipped with a similar aircraft carrier catapult, can make model cars in the 50 meters up to 300 kilometers per hour to 400 kilometers."

staff, the test bench can create a vacuum pipeline, the formation of similar to the current research and development of "super high" operating environment, "can test various models in a variety of operating status."

all the high-tech, initially considered to be Arabian nights. Earlier this month, in the Nevada desert, a few seconds of test detonated the world curiosity — the United States super loop No. 1 company successfully completed a high-speed pipeline transportation system test.

this is called super high-speed rail transport system, from zero to 96 km per hour speed of just one second, the theoretical maximum speed of up to 1200 km. Super high speed rail is the use of magnetic levitation technology to allow the transport of the cabin suspended in a vacuum into the pipeline, so as to achieve a high degree of energy to drive the transport module.

news came out, many netizens exclaimed, China’s high-speed rail to the enemy". In fact, it is too early to worry about this, the United States, super high-speed rail is only the initial stage of the test, from the real operation is still far away. On the other hand, China’s "super high-speed rail" in fact, as early as the beginning of this century has begun, and "Research Center" in Chengdu. May 26th, West China Metropolis Daily reporter walked into the State Key Laboratory of traction power at Southwest Jiao Tong University, saw the baby is in the Chinese version of the super high-speed rail".

test speed of up to 600 km

in Chengdu Southwest Jiaotong University traction power in the State Key Laboratory, China’s first manned high-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation experimental line basically completed. Experimental line will simulate the state of high-speed rail running in the vacuum, the test speed of up to 600 kilometers per hour, China’s super high-speed rail may be born here.


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