China’s first insurance passenger platform landing in Shenzhen

believe that many people for such an insurance vocabulary is very familiar, at the same time, the insurance and insurance mode now used is different, some insurance products now are also influenced by the mobile Internet, on the network platform.

the first insurance record passenger platform officially launched in July 28th, by the Shenzhen Qianhai insurance Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Qianhai center") is introduced, "public entrepreneurship, innovation of national innovation driven development strategy" the birth of a new industry ecosystem in the insurance industry.

Security Center is not the insurance company, but the Internet insurance is an open technology platform, a variety of innovative insurance products and insurance items can be listed or traded on this platform, its function is similar to the stock exchange.

Security Center is located in Shenzhen Qianhai modern service cooperation zone, is approved by the Chinese CIRC approval, the Shenzhen municipal government approved the establishment of a financial innovative enterprise, Qianhai is one of the seven elements of financial trading center, is the first batch of 18 to obtain financial funds in support of the State Council of Qianhai modern service integrated pilot project of Shenzhen city of location the center is the "insurance innovation pilot".

"insurance record passenger platform to provide a full range of business financing occupation training, employment guidance, entrepreneurship training. The insurance transaction center as the third party platform, no intermediary fees charged by insurance, creating sales policy funds directly into the selected insurance company account, Follow-Up Services by third party platform is responsible for monitoring and docking. This is the exploration of the "industry + Internet plus insurance" and "1+1+1" integration mode.

is "flexible entrepreneurial mechanism is one of the characteristics of insurance record passenger platform, suitable for different groups of employment, through this platform is conducive to the realization of benign re employment.

for such an insurance record passenger platform building for some local entrepreneurs is a very good opportunity, but also will promote the development of the local insurance industry, and ultimately make a lot of people benefit.


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