Four guys home venture vegetables

The three hundred and sixty line

is now far more than industry said before, there are a lot of people choose to start their own business, but the venture project how to choose this is a problem, there are four boys they had given up on the yuan monthly job, opened a company, special kinds of vegetables, so they the choice is right now, how’s business? Let’s go and have a look.

story background

4 resigned from Hangzhou to the east when the "vegetable"

in the three city in the town of East Village of Hou a hillside, Zhao Wuqing and his partner, Wu Minliang Zhong Jiazao, Tang Jingbang proudly standing in the vegetable side, a vegetable Zhao Wuqing pointing to the front of said, this is they just this year from the village rented 50 acres of vegetable, as their second pollution-free vegetable planting base.

Zhao Wuqing is 29 years old this year, three city residents Hou Town East village. As a farm boy, from an early age, his parents have high hopes for him, I hope he will learn to change the fate of knowledge. Zhao Wuqing is a clever and hardworking child, through his own efforts admitted to the Henan University. During the period of school, Zhao Wuqing met a few lower than their fellow Hainan: Oriental bell Jiazao, Danzhou Minliang, Wu Changjiang Tang Jingbang. They often get together to talk about ideals, design the future, and slowly became good friends.

After graduating from Henan University in, Zhao Wuqing found a good job in Hangzhou. In 2010, bell Jiazao and other 3 people also graduated, introduced by Zhao Wuqing, 3 people also found work in Hangzhou. Do some management in foreign enterprises, some customer manager on the stock market, some of them monthly salary of up to ten thousand yuan.

worked hard after a few years, 4 people decided to return home after the venture – planting pollution-free vegetables.

in June last year, despite their opposition to the family, resigned from the comfortable work in Hangzhou, to give up a handsome salary, and resolutely returned to his hometown, with a few years of work to set up a company’s savings. Their division of labor, combined with their expertise are responsible for co-ordination, production, sales and other aspects of the work carried out in full swing.

production scale

A total of more than 400 mu

base for pollution-free vegetables

4 young man in the eastern city of eight rented a town of 360 acres of vegetables as their first pollution-free vegetable planting base. They incorporated the company, becoming the first in the east to pollution-free vegetable cultivation and sales as the main body, with the city’s sales, logistics, distribution, refrigeration to supplement the agricultural products trading company.

Zhao Wuqing revealed that, now, their company is not recommended

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