Bamboo furniture business 40 year old carpenter into a multimillionaire

what would you do if you were 40 years old? Is to stay in business to settle down, or go out boldly. No matter what you choose, I would like to introduce the following figure to everyone, he is a 40 year old carpenter, because bamboo furniture business to achieve the goal of making millions of years.

in the showroom, bamboo table, bamboo tea table, TV cabinet, bamboo bamboo sofa, bed, wardrobe, bamboo bamboo bamboo lined etc., maintain the character of the bamboo furniture looks fresh and natural, I can smell the fragrance bursts of bamboo. Zhang Jigang first give the author gave a universal lesson: "bamboo furniture not only no chemical pollution, is a pure green furniture, and absorption ability, can always maintain the unique texture of bamboo, warm in winter and cool in summer, beneficial to environmental protection. Bamboo is regarded as a new choice of fashion home because of its short growth period and abundant raw materials."

The process of

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