Guangdong housing prices behind the collective housing prices behind the inertia of the scale of the

Chinese family concept is very strong, the house as a person’s family harbor, is essential to life! With the acceleration of urbanization, many people choose to buy a house in the city. But in the face of high prices, to the masses of the people caused great pressure. This time, with the first half of this year, a second tier cities turnover hot, the majority of listed companies to enhance the overall performance of the benchmark housing prices. From the recent billion dollar think tank released in 2016 1-6 months in China, the typical housing sales performance list is more visible in general.

statistics show that 33 official sales performance of the company’s total sales of up to 1 trillion and 152 billion 572 million, up from the same period in 2015, up to 74.6% of the rate of up to 660 billion. Including Vanke, Hengda, garden will continue to 200 billion of the annual sales of sprinting stride forward singing militant songs.

however, under the hot, the industry analysts pointed out that, along with the scale of expansion, housing prices profit margins decreased year by year. Over the years, the capital market or will see the decline in profit margins continued to decline in housing prices, talk about the scale has become meaningless.

billion housing prices reproduction differentiation

in 2016 1-6 months, China’s typical housing sales performance list, this list, the most attention is undoubtedly one hundred billion housing prices and benchmark housing prices, there is a significant differentiation in the interior, there is a big reshuffle potential. In the 7 annual sales last year amounted to 100 billion housing prices, Biguiyuan, Hengda and Wanda will continue to stride forward singing militant songs appeared serious, left behind, or its related strategic adjustment.

from the data point of view, the first half of Vanke’s performance has not been affected by the equity dispute, the sales amount of 185 billion 700 million yuan topped the sales amount of the top position. July 14th (last Thursday), Vanke announced as at 20 on July 13th, Vanke Group signed a formal breakthrough of $200 billion. Among them, the use of second billions of only 87 days, up to 2015 in advance of 109 days. According to the annual performance targets of 300 billion yuan calculation, to July, Vanke has completed the 2/3 task, complete the sales exceed the standard has been regarded as the probability of the event.

now seems, with Vanke a synchronization into the 200 billion club will also have Hengda, biguiyuan. At the beginning of July, country garden announced scheduled full year sales target of 168 billion yuan raised to 220 billion yuan. The first half of Evergrande has accumulated sales of 141 billion 780 million yuan

in the first half, China happiness (600340, shares), SUNAC Chinese, Huarun land growth was provided, the three echelon of the second housing prices is expected to enter the scale of billions of housing prices this year, the focus of the strategic first-tier cities show great advantages. In addition, the state-owned housing prices overall increase in the first half of this year, some state-owned enterprises such as HUAFA, Luneng, industry and electric power construction is the explosive recommended

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