South Korea beauty salon success

with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we are very interested in the cause of beauty. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the South Korean beauty salon project, no doubt, is a very wise choice. South Korea beauty salon to join the project selection, if you are also very exciting, then hurry up!

first, color system

beauty salon services to avoid the use of yellow and gray color as the main color of the room. Because this color system will give a person a kind of bleak and powerless feeling. Walking in such a beauty salon to join it, naturally there is no desire to consume. White is the best choice for the beauty of the wall color, and white as the most common color, can be matched with a variety of colors, but also for the white walls of the paint to save a lot of money.

second, Feng Shui

in terms of Feng Shui, beauty salons belong to the five lines of water, so it belongs to beauty salons doors and windows, balcony should not be too large, because the opening of the small capacity of water. For the beauty of the space layout, there are three aspects. Signs are a side, the facade signs to the atmosphere, but the font should be rounded. The door is best a door or two pairs of doors, can not be a small door. The best gate to the left, because the left is guarding the Qinglong, which represents the meaning of Wang Qinglong, Qinglong is representative of the water, so water is flourishing. The best arrangement in the beauty salon on the left, can be placed near the brave mascot. Jewelry should be outward, so that a symbol of good career development.

third, accessories

beauty salon can not just open a space, so it is necessary to carry out some interior layout. Interior decoration style should be modern. But can not be too simple and simple, in simple and simple room will not be interested in doing beauty. Because we can not frequently for indoor decoration, so it should be at the beginning, on the choice of decoration style and form. South Korea beauty salon mirror is a very important accessories, we can change the shape of a mirror or other decorations placed around, let these small changes can provide different appeal as a mirror.

for the barber shop, the mirror is only a barber tool, but for the beauty salon, the mirror is used to appreciate the beauty of the customer. Without the mirror, the customer can not feel the first time they have changed, then the beauty shop is not so obvious. However, if the mirror is too much, it will appear clumsy beauty salon, cumbersome, and in the beauty salon set up some of the frames can also be used to increase the internal appreciation.


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