Saturday children theme park project – how to join venture

theme park, for children, is a very good choice. How about Saturday’s children’s theme park? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of the venture worthy of trust. Join the children’s growth theme park on Saturday, open their own children’s growth theme park on Saturday to join the shop, shop is earned!

for the city’s parents, to be able to go out and play with the children on Saturday is an enviable thing. A good place to play will be a good memory for parents and children. This time Xiao Bian had to mention the theme of Saturday’s children’s paradise. Because of the rich amusement park facilities, does make a lot of parents and children harvest a lot of fun. Many investors can join this outstanding venture. Saturday theme park.

first, Xiao Bian to the scale of the park to carry out a related introduction. On Saturday, children’s Theme Parks Limited operation and management of the children’s play a leading brand, is a comprehensive indoor 0-12 year-old children build a set of entertainment, education, theme restaurants, a birthday party in one of the growth of the kingdom. Brand headquarters is located in Beijing, based on the capital to serve the country. After years of development and precipitation of Le tight raise for five years, has been in the country to expand 12 stores, more than and 50 stores throughout the city, more than and 50. Therefore, in the eyes of the public, it is the Chinese children’s home children’s theme park industry practitioners.

and on the other hand is also doing very well. Saturday children’s theme park is committed to building the Whampoa  Military Academy China Leye children’s amusement, practitioners can communicate here, learning and training, to attract resources, cultivate more talent, more specifically gather more wisdom, to contribute to the development of the industry. A range of headquarters in the industry has a complete and strict " range of embedded operating support standardized management system". Therefore, it is obvious that it allows stores to operate in an orderly and stable operation under the guidance of standardized management system.


through the above description, I believe we have chosen to join the theme park project for children on Saturday, is a very wise choice. Loved by the children, worthy of the trust of parents! If you are also very exciting. Hurry up!

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